Software as a Service (SaaS) is a perfect example of streamlining your business by becoming more efficient. Traditionally, users would purchase software as a package to then install into their computer or network. As we all know, having multiple programmes installed greatly reduces the speed of your equipment and consequently productivity. SaaS is developed through cloud technology and a subscription service. This means there are no hardware costs as all processing power is supplied by the cloud provider. Files are then saved in the cloud network instead of individual devices.

Office software is the best example of SaaS. Packages can be selected based on the business needs and everyone who needs access to a particular feature of the software can be set up as a user with a login. This allows your subscription to cover all business tasks including planning, sales, accounting and invoicing and relevant software be allocated to employees.

The question of security can be a deterrent for some users to make the switch to SaaS. It is a new technology and managed by someone else thus they will be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking. The complete opposite is actually the case. Cloud technology is built with multiple layers of security, far more than traditional software. These are closely monitored and regularly updated with service updates to protect you and your account. In fact, no major cloud provider has fallen victim to the malware attacks of the last few years1.

Our platform WebSmart uses an advanced Intelligent Cloud Engine (ICE), to update in real time to keep it fresh and up to date with current web standards. ICE does this seamlessly across the globe. We can also customise and white label to suit the needs and branding of our customers with ease, an attribute missing from off the shelf software packages.

The advancement of cloud computing has led to SaaS pushing through as the alternative for many industries. The fact that Microsoft is overhauling their sales focus to sell more cloud subscriptions and less software says it all really2.

SaaS vs Traditional Software

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